Expert Witness

Dave Lerman


A. 1984-1987 Michigan State University: Associate Degree in Film and Television

B. 1987-1988 University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
Steven Spielburg’s Universal Studios Graduate Film Program. First of its kind graduate program exclusively taught by
leaders in the industry and created by Steven Spielberg

C. Attended seminars and workshops at conventions and boot camps, including the following:

1. NATPE boot camp yearly from 1990-2001
2. Aaron Spelling’s producers boot camp: 1995
3. Stephen J. Connell’s writers boot camp: 1996
4. Marki Costello’s casting workshop: 2000
5. VSDA (Video Software Dealers Association) convention 1990-1996
6. AFM (American Film Market) convention 2000-2008

Seminars and work shops at these conventions and boot camps included producing boot camps, writing seminars casting workshops and were conducted by such industry leaders as Aaron Spelling, Stephen J. Connell,
Marki Costello.


A. At age 15, produced “Coming Attractions,” a film review show which was originally broadcast in Michigan on Continental Cablevision, which later became Time-Warner, and later it was syndicated nationally. This show
evolved into an entertainment feature show by a teenager, for teenagers and was broadcast from 1983-1987. Mr. Lerman and co-host, Martin Ciccone, brother of Madonna, pitched this show at the NATPE convention
and sold it to Jim Imhoff, who was president of Jim Imhoff Productions. It was then broadcast internationally in such markets as London, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

B. Dave Lerman produced and appeared in his own segment of “Back Porch Video,” a program produced by legendary DJ, Russ Gibbs, for which he received an ACE (Cable Emmy) in 1985.

C. Produced and wrote music video for Warner Brothers, “Under My Thumb” for Sam Kinison in 1990.


A. Developed and pitched the following three television shows, one of which was specifically a game show genre, beginning at the NAPTE boot camp in 1995: “Gossip Central,” “Your Erotic IQ,” and “Truth or Trash,” a game
show. “Your Erotic IQ,” was optioned by Playboy for three years but never produced, then optioned by Howard Stern for three years. After coming back to Lerman, he pitched and sold the show to Sewell Whitney in 2008 and it is currently in development.

B. Pitched to:

John Miller, head of development at Fox

Andrew Trentacosta, Playboy

Laurie Zaks, Comedy Central

Mary Ellis Burnie, considered the grandmother of reality shows

Howard Schultz (Extreme Make-over, Extreme Home Make-over.)

Bob Body, Dick Clark Productions

Randy Barbados and Fenton Bailey, World of Wonder

Jeff Mirkin, Senior Vice President of Development at Freemantle Entertainment

Tony DiSanto, MTV (Recently, pitched many formats optioned from students of his seminars. )


A. 1987, contestant on Win, Lose or Draw

B. 1987-2009, appeared on 25 game shows

C. 2009, appeared on Trivial Pursuit-America Plays

D. 2006, appeared in the premiere episode of the World Series of Pop Culture, one of 16 contestants who won a spot on the show in a field of approx. 300,000 people.


A. 1996 Stephen Zhao, former Fox executive, formed Stephen Zhao Productions and commissioned Dave Lerman, based on his expertise int the game show field, to write the script for his indevelopment game show, Icon.

B. Nov., 1999-July,2000 Hired by Dick Clark Production for 5 position on the game show, Greed, (Fox) including road testing/consulting, stand-in (performed on the set, setting lighting, play the game as a stand-in contestant). He was also production assistant and casting coordinator.


Road testing is an industry slang term that involves consulting, actually playing a game show that is either in development, ready to be broadcast, or in broadcast and needs re-tooling. The road-tester provides negative and positive feedback to producers and/or networks to further enhance the show’s production.

Only a select few individuals are selected to road test shows and Dave Lerman has road tested over 200 game shows, including:
A. Moment of Truth – Fox – Game/Reality show
B. Duel – ABC – Game show
C. National Bingo Night – ABC – Game show
D. Don’t Forget the Lyrics – Fox – Game show
E. Distraction – Comedy Central – Game show
F. Whammy! – GSN – Updated classic game show
G. Card Sharks – Tribune – Updated classic game show
H. Make Me Laugh – Comedy Central – Updated classic game show
I. Win Ben Stein’s Money – Comedy Central -
J. Smarter Sex – Tribune – Game Show